Friday, 9 August 2013

Bully : The Scholarship Edition

I had fond memories of this game for the nintendo Wii as it was GTA meets school life, but sadly the game when it was ported over to the PC it became a broken mess.

The controls in the PC version is still configured to act like the Nintendo Wii's version, for example slide the mouse to the left you Punch, I had to spend 20 mins reconfiguring the controls as even the controls for the menus were messed up.

So once you ignore the blatantly plagiarized gaming style and the broken controls for the PC, its a pretty damn good game but that could be just be my fond memories messing with me.

The basic plot for the game is you play a 5 chapter story mode then get a free roam model of the bully world, the game itself takes place in the school of Bullworth and surrounding area, at the start of this game you obviously get access to the only 2 buildings in the school part of the map.

the game is essentially GTA for teenagers whose parents suck and won't give them the real GTA for Christmas. But anyway the gameplay itself itself is not fundamentally bad.

The Graphics on the game are fairly basic considering it was made 5 years after final fantasy 10 which has beautiful graphics in for its generation. Although i say their graphics is not very good the game's art style is beautiful.

If I can get to recording this weekend we will be looking for an upload around mid monday maybe, but my GirlFriend decided that we would be decorating at some point along with going shopping, hopefully I can get out of it and then i can actually record darksiders II.