Friday, 16 August 2013

The Journey ( PSN exclusive) : First impressions

"Journey" written in brown, blocky font on a yellow background
The Journey is a game where the only aim of the game is to reach a mountain in the far reaches of the map or so it seems! Now the developers definitely deserve a mention here which i don't normally do but thatgamecompany is revolutionising what it is to casually game, their previous games such as flower and flow are part of this revolution providing a relaxing calming experience to play. No longer will the casual games get frustrated with the hard to beat that difficult level on mario or super meat boy.

nice little prolog there now onto the actual review.

If you are like me you will find the initial feel of the Journey quite weak, this is not the actual games fault (for once). Journey is meant to be played as that a journey, you embark on this path of self realisation through out this game, and as you travel through this massive world  you find this wall painting which depict an advanced race wiped out by their own greed, which give the game a good story to follow even though that might not be the reason you are there.

something i liked is the scarfs you get in this game which allow you to jump if not fly for a period of time, you can increase the scarves length by collecting these glowing runes which add to the length of the scarf.

The main thing I enjoyed with this game is the people you meet, as technically it is an SOM (small online multiplayer). You meet maybe 3 or 4 people in the course of an average game (without your knowledge as all players look identical besides scarf length). The reason this is my favourite part of this game is that traveling with a companion like that will give you buffs, like if you are within a certain distance of each other you can charge your scarves.

over all the game was fun 2 to 3 hour experience and i even went back to play it through again immediately after i had finished it the first time